It happened... Open beta of Socialize is available!

We are proud to announce that an open beta of Socialize is now available!

We are two young adults from Poland who are currently entering the market of web and mobile applications.
We are completely different when it comes to some things but this and our creativity let us come up with some untypical ideas!

With Socialize you can store your social links, phone numbers etc. in one place and easily share them with others.
Download our app, scan your friend's QR Code and keep track of all of his information. We will let you know if they change.

Nowadays we have hundreds of friends on our social medias and it can easily become hard to keep track of all of their information.
The worst case is when you have to change one of your accounts and inform everyone about it.
This is what Socialize has been made for. Let's say that you have just met someone and would like to stay in touch with him or her.
Wouldn't it be convenient to just scan a QR Code displayed on his/her phone and have access to all usernames on different sites that he/she had entered in our app?
The best part is that you do not even have to use our app if you only want to "scan others".
If you decide to download it though, you can access the history of your previous scans.
We will also notify you when your friend decides to change any of his details!
We currently support phone numbers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, but we will continuously add new ones!

Are you a company representative and would like to have your ads shown on our site?
Maybe you are an investor and see a potential in our app?
Or perhaps you are a journalist and would like to get more information about us?
Write at [email protected]!